The Tablet Is The Future, 67% Of Small Business Use Them

Small Businesses are digging the tablets, that’s not news these days but what I read this morning is.  I got this from a post Gary Kim who wrote about a study AT&T sponsored.  These numbers actually surprised me, I’m glad to see tablets catching on in small businesses so quickly.

  • 43% of small businesses surveyed report ALL of their employees use wireless devices of some sort to facilitate working outside of the office.

Here’s the kicker and the number I was so happy to see…

  • 67% of small businesses use tablets.  That’s up 10% from last year.

This is huge, that means that it shouldn’t surprise anybody to see a plant manager or IT directors walking around with a tablet.  I know I walk around my home office and my clients office all the time with my iPad.  I have nearly everything I need to answer their questions or participate in a meeting.  From my email, IM, documents and my work phone it’s all in my tablet.  The future is upon us.