The SOHO Market: Is it Being Served? (SP-09) – 10/05/2010, 11:30-12:15pm

With so much discussion focused on the SMB market, and the solutions now available to serve it, another market is being left behind: the VSB (Very Small Business), referred to more commonly as the SOHO.

The U.S. alone has more than 600,000 new businesses formed each year, according to the SBA, and more than 24 million in total. Most of these businesses are also referred to as procumers or solopreneurs, and they typically do not have budgets for business phone systems, or even sophisticated hosted services. However, they certainly want and are in need of something more than a second home line or cell phone to effectively run their businesses.

This session will discuss different options for this growing and important market segment, including specific examples and real-world case studies that demonstrate how new and creative applications for virtual office services are enabling VSBs to compete on an even playing field with much larger and better funded organizations.

Presented by:

Ari Rabban, CEO,

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