The Silicon Review: 50 Best Companies to Watch 2020

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A transformative leader in the business communication space with the most convenient self-service cloud communications platform: Phone.com

Phone.com is delighted to be included in The Silicon Review’s 50 Best Companies to Watch in 2020.

The invention of the telephone was one of the groundbreaking milestones for businesses in the communications technology segment. In today’s digital world, the internet has grown enough to be prevalent, but the telephone is still being used as a staple communications system. As a base technology or a conceptual form, the telephone will not go away because of the advantages in business phone systems. As the businesses leverage the latest technology to grow, they also want their communication system to grow with them. Business phones are modular, and they are usually designed to meet the needs of a business of any size.

In conversation with Ari Rabban, Co-Founder and CEO of Phone.com

SMEs associate cloud communication with big business, and therefore assume it is expensive. How do you manage to maintain your affordability and profitability of your services?

Phone.com is used by more than 35,000 companies across the United States and Canada. Because we have so many customers, we don’t have to charge anyone an arm and a leg to fund our innovation. Everyone pays a low monthly price, and all share the features we develop. Phone.com is very happy catering to our ever-expanding base of entrepreneurs and small businesses. Phone.com’s omnichannel business phone systems are purpose-built for small businesses, which, as I mentioned, is the fastest growing and largest contingent of the U.S. economy. We take pride in empowering customers with the competitive advantage of the industry’s highest-quality services at an affordable price point. Also, unlike other providers, we do not lock our customers into multi-year contracts – they can cancel service at any time without penalty or hassle.


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