Transferring your Phone Number with Home Phone Service

At we deal a lot with phone number transfers (or Local Number Porting – LNP – as it is called). Many of our customers who want to keep their existing phone number (whether it is their home phone number or cell phone number) but want to enjoy all the benefits of the service go through the number porting process.

In the United States, LNP is mandatory for both mobile and land lines the process can be short (2-3 days) but many times can take as long as 2 or 3 weeks.

There are some important guidelines when requesting a number transfer and they are all outlined here. The process uses is not different than other service providers as we all follow FCC guidelines for number porting.

We get all kinds of scenarios for LNP and though we always try our best to complete the LNP process as quick as possible please note that the authorities who manage the number porting on our behalf may prevent a transfer for the following reasons:

1. Incorrect service name and/or address – always be sure to provide the correct name and address so that your existing number can be verified. We need the service address associated with the number. The service address may differ from the billing address.
2. Remote Call Forwarding, Centrix and DSL – If the number currently has any one of the above services, please make sure to remove before porting the number to For example: if your home phone is programmed to forward to your cell phone we will not be able to transfer your home phone number to
3. Unpaid balance with current provider – Any unpaid services with your current provider will cause the number to be rejected.
4. Freeze or hold on account – unfortunately, we cannot override a freeze or account hold with the current provider.

A couple of other items to remember when transferring your phone numbers: If you do not want to keep your phone line associated with the number you are transferring DO NOT cancel your existing service until AFTER the number transfer is complete
If you want to keep the phone line associated with your transferred number live than you will need to get a new phone number for that line.

The good thing is that in most cases that a) process is smooth and is improving as service providers cooperate with the process and b) the benefit once you complete the number transfer makes the process well worth it!