The Price is Right!

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By: Ari

When choosing a phone plan / solution / system for your business the first question that usually comes up is: how much will it cost me? Sometime you just want to hear the bottom line. Before I care what I can get from the phone service. I don’t want to waste my time if it is not something my small business can afford.

Indeed many times I find myself asked by different people (people I meet, small business owners, friends and even family): “So, what does has for my small business?”
I get into all the great thing can offer to a small business: “we give you the look and feel of a larger business; present your business in a much more professional manner. Of course I share some of the great features we offer: choose any phone number you want ; record sophisticated welcome greetings and set call menus; forward calls to many extensions and select how to accept calls on any phone you want and based on time of day or based on caller ID or location; get all your voicemails to your email or as an SMS to your mobile phone; transfer between extensions and hide your personal home or mobile phone numbers and so much more” (for a list of Virtual Office features click here).
Oh… and you also have 24*7 customer support. Call us anytime. We will help you set up. Everything is online. You will be ready in minutes.
Oh… and by the way… you can get started for under $10 a month and try the first month for free! This is when I got everyone’s attention!

Well – by now I certainly learned. Just start with this last comment: “For as low as $9.88 per month will get you the best phone service a small business can get (and then share all of the above). Test it for your self. The first month is free and you can cancel if you don’t like it – but you will! We promise.

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