The Power Of One Great Interaction

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One of the distinct pleasures in my job is receiving emails from ecstatic customers who can’t wait to tell me about amazing customer service they just experienced. I am always grateful to these customers for taking time out of their busy schedules to share this with me and I’m not sure they realize that this always works to brighten my day as well as that of our staff. 

At we have been celebrating “Feedback Week” where all of our blog posts are about customer feedback both good and bad.  Earlier this week I received this terrific note about one of our customer service representatives from a new customer, Natalie Dustman (@proformRE):

I just wanted to let you know that Dorian has been extremely helpful in getting me set up on my  new account.  I was intending on trying the service for a month before I ported our three office numbers over to our account.  Dorian’s accurate, friendly, timely and helpful support gave me enough confidence in your system and customer service that I went ahead and ported all of our numbers.  We are committing as a company to use your service, largely due to Dorian’s effort.  As the president and owner of a small business, I truly value my employees and appreciate it when people give me feedback about my staff.  I wanted to do the same.

I gained a new insight from this bit of customer feedback this week.  Every interaction with customer service is a make or break encounter.  Dorian, by simply doing his job well managed to take huge strides in building trust with Ms. Dustman and turning her into a loyal customer of  There are so many elements to the customer experience that, if done wrong, could cause the exact opposite result.

At, we understand a few things about our customers.  First of all, we understand that their time is valuable.  Secondly, we understand that every encounter with our product, website and even support is an opportunity to gain or lose your trust and your business.  What a powerful responsibility this is and I hope that you know that while we don’t claim perfection, we are striving toward it. 

I invite you to read about “Feedback Week” on our blog and if you learn nothing else, you should know that we delight in receiving your feedback both good and bad.  Every piece of feedback is an opportunity to improve our service.