The Professional Greetings Center

Do you ever call a business and hear a “general mailbox” greeting, with no specific individual greetings to respond to? Does it fill you with confidence that (A) your call will ever be heard in a timely fashion; or that (B) it will ever get heard by the right person; or (C) that it will ever get listened to at all?

If you hang up the phone after leaving your “general mailbox” greeting, perhaps after-hours, and feel as if your message just dropped down a dark, bottomless pit – you’re right, it probably did!

During or after normal business hours, a general mailbox, compared to hearing greetings from specific persons, does not generate the most professional image in the world, does it? It sounds like the company either can’t get a real phone system organized, with a professional menu and individual greetings, or can’t afford one, and what does that say about them?

It all comes back to image, doesn’t it? Image – and convenience… for inbound sales prospects and customers. And how you use your Greetings has a lot to do with the overall impression you make on sales prospects and customers – especially 1st time callers, and sales prospects in particular!

This is exactly why – Virtual Office takes so much care to expand and fine-tune their vast suite of Professional Phone Greetings features, tools and special options.

Short of being on the phone yourself all day and night long, Professional Phone Greetings are how you communicate with, and affect, folks calling in to your business who are either customers or who may want to become customers, and we know you’d like to encourage them along that path in a positive way!

You’re giving your business a more professional voice with a toll free number, with a pro menu, with Fortune 500 level Greetings. Your main greeting establishes who and what you are, creating that positive first impression, along with your voicemail greeting(s).

One of’s customers maintains a busy toll-free based online vintage doll store at eBay, with numerous sales oriented announcements and special Greetings. She receives dozens and dozens of calls per day. She uses her 800 number, so sales prospects go straight to her instead of having to go through eBay first to ask for “more info” or to ask a question. Otherwise, a prospect would have to email eBay first, get that email forwarded to the doll seller, creating a communications disconnect, or delay. creates a faster, easier sales communications environment. Plus – her toll free Virtual Office 800 number creates a more professional image, especially for 1st time callers who need to be settled down and impressed.

A customer, who owns and runs a ‘remote’ (877-DENT-DOC) – ‘we travel to you’ automobile dent-removal business, said it perfectly in a recent interview with us. He went on to say:

“…different Greetings, plus how my Menu is set up, are how I accurately route calls to myself or the correct [dent-removal] technician. ‘Press One’ if your dent is smaller than the palm of your hand. ‘Press Two’ if your dent is larger than the palm of your hand. ‘Press Three’ if the dent is in your bumper.

So the phone menu and correct Greetings for each option saves me tons of time not talking to customers I shouldn’t be talking to… Being a mobile company with a remote staff and no large central office. gives me the overall appearance of having a corporate office without the expense of a corporate office! The service gives my business the impression of size, as well as a high-level brand impression. This is exactly what I needed.”

I could not have said it better myself!

Another customer, a terrific gal who runs her own Virtual Assistant Agency (1-800-611-LORI) recently said:

… I have many long-term clients who use my great system and multi purpose Greetings as their own, to handle inbound customer calls. One is a psychiatrist. The Doc schedules his patients through me, through my phone line and great Greetings and Menu tools, which are flexible enough to let me do this. is a kick ass service. And their rates are just a little bit lower – which means a lot to me – plus super friendly 24/7 telephone support.

As a small business owner, it behooves me to have technological tools at my disposal that make me look good, or puts a professional face on my company and my business model – anything I can do to add a more professional front to my business, I do it!

For most small businesses, your phone system is your doorway to the world, and what people feel and hear when they enter this doorway, the ‘high-level brand impression’ generated by your Main Greeting, your Professional Phone Voicemail Greetings, and your Menu prompts, giving incoming callers a positive and lasting impression of your company.

And remember – the first month is free, you get 24/7 customer support; and the lowest prices in the business!