The Top Ten Tips & Tricks

Here at we strive to give you the best and most useful service we can. We are always working to enhance our offering and last week someone suggested I write a Tips and Tricks blog post showing off some of our great features that some people may not know about. Some of these are tricks, some are cool features and some are tips that you may or may not even like.

1. SMS on ANY phone – If you’re replying to your friend who sent the message to your number, just reply to their number and your friend will get it. But to start a new conversation you send a message to your own number, with the first text being @xxx-xxx-xxxx (your friends number)

2. Make calls showing your number on ANY phone – Call your voicemail, and hit *, , # to access its admin. menu. Then press 4 to make an outbound call.

3. Reverse call block – send all calls to voice mail besides calls that come from specific caller IDs (such as you wife or biggest client)

4. Disposable numbers – This is useful if you’re selling something or don’t want to give your regular number out to someone, it can also be used for places where you think they will sell your # and you will get spam calls. Very easy to add a number from your control panel or your administrator can do it as well.

5. Block incoming calls on a per number basis – Call Block is an option on your menu, go in and select the number from the list that you want to block and just click block. Easy as that and will block SMS from those people as well.

6. SMS blocking – Works the same as call blocking (blocked numbers shows up in your block list)

7. Set your TEXT caller id – So your outgoing calls will show with any text up to 15 characters. May take up to a week to propagate in the world wide telephone system.

8. Virtual Office menu – A phone greeting tree for example “Press 1 for sales 2 for customer service 0 for operator”. It’s easy to set up as well.

9. International call forwarding – Gives you the ability to never miss a call from a client by having your calls forwarded to a cell phones or land line when traveling abroad. Set up by just adding a Call Handling Rule. *international charges may apply, but are normally very low compared to any roaming plan.

10. Greet each caller or a group of callers with a unique message based on caller ID – You can predefine what a caller will here by recording messages in advance and assigning them to different callers or group of callers based on their caller ID. For example maybe you want your most important client to hear a personal message. Plus with call handling rules you could forward just them to your cell phone so they are always taken care of.

11. Add your number to one of your Fav 5 (or a similar service from your provider) free #rs to receive calls from then have your number and set it to send your caller ID. Now all incoming calls will be free on your cell plan. The down side is that you will not see the original callers ID.

12. Use voicemail transcription to dictate notes – Leave yourself a voicemail with notes or reminders if you can’t write them down at the moment (like if your driving).

Do you have any tips or tricks you think we should mention? Is there any out of the ordinary way you are using that you would like to share with the rest of the world. If you have any questions about these feel free to email me any time