The Story – More than Just a Domain Name!

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Last week this article came across my desk and I wanted to share it with everyone. I’m asked at least once at every single trade show I attend about’s name and also usually get asked about Alon Cohen our CTO who you will read is one of the founders of VoIP.

Four years ago, in 2007, a group of entrepreneurs headed by domain industry pioneer Mike Mann acquired the domain name and began to build a philosophy, an organization, a suite of technologies, and a set of strategies and tactics to take advantage of such a key asset. Today, in 2011, has grown into one of the most respected providers of cloud-based voice communications in the U.S. Month to month continuous growth in customers and revenues are tied to an incredibly low customer turnover rate. At the heart of this success has been the core philosophy of serving the small business marketplace for companies with up to 20 employees.

You can continue reading the rest of the story on and click on to learn more about our services.

*This article originally appeared in the Aug. 2011 issue of Unified Communications Magazine.


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