The Polycom IP450

Hi everyone. I’m back from a needed 3 week vacation. I seem to have missed a lot of very interesting and exciting goings on here at Most notably the partnership with Fran Tarkenton to help provide great phone service to small businesses.

Just a day before I left for my vacation I got my first wired desk phone, EVER, from I’m enamoured with it and love talking on it. It’s an absolutely novel experience for me and a truly enjoyable one as well. The sound quality is amazing. I got a Polycom 450 which I’m told is one of the top of the line models. I don’t care what it is to anyone else, it’s the best sounding phone I’ve ever talked on. I can hear people as if they’re standing right in front of me and we’re talking in a soundproof room. Have you ever gone camping and gotten up in the middle of the night and realized it’s so quite in the woods you can hear you’re own heart beating, well talking on the 450 is like that except you also hear the person talking on the other end.

Besides the sound quality the set up was as easy as plugging in a new desk lamp. I did add an extension to the phone so I can call out and that only took about 2 minutes to do. The set up was a breeze.

I couldn’t stop playing with it before I left on vacation and since I got back in my office this morning I’ve been messing around with it even more. I must sound like a school kid getting a new toy but that’s how I feel about it. Just to touch on some other points, the menu system is simple and easily maneuverable, the volume on the handset is more then acceptable as well as the speakerphone. Additionally the speakerphone sounds better then I could have ever imagined. My father is a bit of an audiophile so I always test cell phones, Bluetooth headsets and anything else sound related with him. I had him on the speakerphone and he said it’s the best he’s ever heard. Lastly and this may sound funny but it was always a consideration for me when I was buying home phones and cell phones when they used to be big and thick. The handset it self is a good size and weight to rest on your shoulder and cock your head over to talk that way. I know you can just use speaker phone but but sometimes privacy is necessary or you have to be on a call in the middle of the night.

I haven’t gotten enough use out of the Polycom 450 yet but once I do I’ll post more about it. It’s great to be home and working with the community as a whole. If anyone needs anything as usual I’m available at and our entire team is listening on Facebook and Twitter.