The New York Times Small Business Summit

Yesterday the Grand Hyatt in New York City hosted the New York Times Small Business Summit. A one day event co sponsored by AMEX OPEN and packed with great sessions and information all geared towards helping small business owners (or one a be owners) start and develop their small business.

Small business events exist all over the country and are organized by private institutions (or “for profit”..) or by the state or other non for profit organizations. Anyone who wants to find information about starting a business or learn how to better manager and promote their existing small business can always find great resources, either in person or especially on the web. is one such resource that helps small business but some companies such as our partner Fran Tarkenton and his Tarkenton companies are all about guidance and providing help to any small business owner with many tools and personal help.

At the NYT summit i met a couple of new firms that specialize in helping small business. One is – a national organization with local chapters. Find one near you and see what they can do for you. Score is a non for profit organization.

A second organizations I met with is a start up itself. It is SmallBusinessBonfire – an online community for entrepreneurs and small business owners to “meet” and share ideas and questions and get expert advice. I find it a great source as you get qualified feedback and recommendations that you can trust.

So all in all, you need the idea for a new business. No one can help you with that. But, once you have it there are plenty of resources out there to help you realize your dreams.