New way for small business to handle phone lines and calls!

A couple of days ago we got a question from a potential customer stating the following:

“We are thinking of signing up with We have been in business for almost 50 years. We have 3 telephone numbers. If the first phone is busy, the second call rolls over to the next phone number, if the 2nd line is busy, the call rolls over to the third number. We have only 3 employees so I am not sure we need 3 phone numbers. My question is this. Because we have been in business for so long, our phone numbers are well established. What is the exact procedure that would set up in this case?”

We replied to this person on our public forums and we thought both the question and our reply are worth posting, so here it is:

“Dear Friend what you have was the old way of doing business using a hunt group. This was a very effective way at the time.

Today, using tools like Virtual Office from you get more flexibility.

One number can receive several calls at the same time and direct them to different people, or voice mail.

When all numbers are busy you can direct people to voicemail so you do not miss any leads.

You can set up a queue so when the forth, fifth, or tenth caller is calling at the same time they all hear information on the business or music on hold and then stay on-line until one of the sales people is free to take the call.

Many calls can be answered using a Phone Tree (menu) like driving directions, office hours, and so on; automating that with professional recordings is easy and frees the people who normally answer such questions to answer REAL sales leads that require human interaction.

What about after hours? With Virtual Office you can set up schedules and have the system behave differently after hours. Yet for the special clients you can set a rule that says call me even after hours, when company ABC calls.

You can mange and manipulate all that at any moment on-line, or even via the phone by calling our 24×7 support.

Maybe the most important is that you can transfer your existing numbers to one by one or all at once so there is no need to change any of the existing numbers.

The transfer can be done gradually depending on the provider you have today. You can set up the Virtual Office system with temporary numbers, then start directing calls from the existing numbers to the Virtual Office numbers (by asking the existing carrier to forward calls) when your are happy with that you can start the number porting process, and effectively have zero down time with gradual transition.

This is how I did it.

If all the above seems expensive, I can assure you it will probably save you so much money you will be asking yourself why haven’t you done this earlier. After all, all the above starts at about $10/month.

You will end up paying more than $10/month to be honest as you start noticing the ROI and adding features (such as Voicemail to text) but it will be much less than what you pay today with much higher value, higher operating efficiency and while projecting a new professional fresh image to new and existing clients.”