The Mobile Phone Needs of a Small Business Owner

Fifteen or twenty years ago, few could have imagined the strides mobile telephones might have made into today’s world. Do you remember the days when a cell phone was as big as your forearm and just as heavy? These days, though, phones are so small that they’re easily lost, and they’re fairly affordable too. What’s more, though, is that today’s cell phones make it possible to run an entire business through a cell phone, and while lots of today’s small businesses rely on a single cell phone because it’s possible to do so, staking your business’s future on today’s mobile telephony just isn’t a good idea.

Today’s entrepreneurs must access a variety of technologies as quickly as possible in order to ensure clients can reach them in a decent amount of time, and while phones can provide some of that access, they often can’t do it all. For instance, most mobile phones do not allow a business owner to be able to view received faxes, and while many people do send information via email, a number of businesses also send information via the fax line, which means that it is vital that all businesses, even small businesses, are able to send and receive faxes. It’s also important to be able to manage office voicemail, which can be difficult to do through mobile phones.

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges with your cell phone is that with one number on it you cannot separate your private calls from your business calls.
And how about transferring calls? Calls need to be transferred for a variety of reasons when you have a business, especially if you have a few different associates in the same building. Can your mobile phone transfer calls? Few can these days.

Much of this is changing, though. Mobile office apps, like the one from, give small business owner a phone solution that will allow them to be able to do all of the things that a small business owner needs to be able to do while, at the same time, allowing them the mobility that they need. With Mobile Office you can dial out of your cell phone but have your office phone number show up as your caller ID. As customers indicated in a recent survey conducted this is one of the biggest challenges using a cell phone as your business phone.