The history of the cell phone – short video summary

Thanks to DIGG i found this video in NEWSWEEK about the history of the cell phone.

Some interesting statistics there:

– The first commercial cell phone call was made August 13 1983
– The 1983 cell phone cost $3,995 and weighed 2 pounds
– Today 8 of 10 people in the US own a mobile phone
– 20 million dont use landlines anymore (but many have VoIP :-))
– Average of a cell phone before it is replaced is 1.5 years
– The result is that over 500 million cell phones were tossed or – hopefully – recycled
– Americans pay most for cell phone service per year (an average of $635 per year)
– Americans text more than they talk on cell phones ; the first text was: “Merry Christmas”
– 2.9 trillion text messages are expected worldwide in 2009
– Texting is recognized in the OXFORD Dictionary since 2006
– P911 = text for: “Parent In Room”

Well, it is in Newsweek so I guess this is all true.