The FCC: Faster Phone Number Porting Coming Soon

Good news for customers. This morning OM Malik posted the story on his blog.

The FCC issued an order that requires phone companies speed up the process for transferring a customers phone number to another company. From the FCC press release:

“The Commission first made it easier for consumers to switch voice service providers by requiring wireline, wireless and certain Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) providers to transfer a customers existing telephone number to a new provider within one business day, rather than the current four-day requirement. Delays in number
porting cost consumers money and impede their ability to choose providers based solely on price, quality and service.”

Though it allows the large carriers 9 months to implement this requirement, this is still good to hear and hopefully will already help speed up the porting process. We at have many requests from customers who want their old number transferred to us so they can enjoy all the features with their old number. The porting process sometimes takes 3-4 weeks and we would be very pleased to see this time period shrink as much as possible!