The FCBA Annual Dinner

By: Ari
Today I was in Washington DC for meetings and for the annual FCBA Dinner honoring outgoing FCC Chairman Kevin Martin.

The Washington DC Hilton was packed (though some tell me it used to be an even bigger event) and the DC Hitlon ballroom is the largest in the capital!

Chairman Martin, in the spirit of this event, was making light humors comments about his years as FCC Chairman. He especially noted the Digital TV transition that will take place in 93 days.

The FCC is trying to educate the public about this transition and as part of their effort they sponsored a NASCAR car for three races. The race car did not have much luck and crashed twice so far. Chairman Martin, who will be leaving his post with the arrival of the new administration, said he might drive the car the next race.

Well, hopefully the public knows by now what to expect with the arrival of DTV.

Below are two iPhone images from the dinner: