The Expected and Unexpected Gizmos from CES

Pardon for a short digression from our usual VoIP trip here, but we were at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) earlier this month. Vegas is always fun, but CES makes it particularly a blast. Here were some of the toys we saw that you might want.

Drop the Glasses – It’s A New Look At 3D
It has been talked about, it has been speculated on, and it is already all the rage, but it must be mentioned one more time- 3DTV! With perfect timing, the television manufacturers stole the show in 2010. After the vast success of Avatar, who wouldn’t want to have 3D capabilities in their own home? Although not much was let out about this new technology that analysts predicts will take the home entertainment industry by storm, one thing is for sure- it is already a hot topic in many American households.
Something ‘Rem-otable’

SilverPAC’s Evolution 5500 is among the other “must haves” for 2010. It is “gadgets” (Microsoft mini-programs) within a gadget. This handy remote control allows for constant power over the television, while you handle all PC related tasks- from checking email to updating your Facebook status. Unlike many of the CES unveils, this gizmo is available now. It will cost you $999.

Touch Technology
The Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid may very well have taken the cake this year in the computers category. At first glance it appears to be the average laptop, but when one takes a closer look and spots the remarkable and removable pin located at the closing juncture of the product, suddenly impressions begin to change. By removing this small latching device, the product becomes a fully functional touch screen tablet. When attached, it runs via Windows 2007, when not, it immediately switches over to Lenovo Skylight OS. The critics love it!

Projecting Success
Nikon made a rather large splash in the CES pool of gadget reveals this year with the news of its COOLPIX S1000pj. This small, lightweight, seemingly normal digital camera is anything but that. Instead of toting around AV cords, or trying to show special photos on a small LCD screen, this model allows for images to be immediately projected onto a wall for all to view. So, the next time mom catches Johnny in the middle of a precious act, she can instantly share it with everyone in the room.

Action-Packed Gaming
Project Natal was among the expected announcements, but made an impact nevertheless. Gamers will have to say a sorrowful goodbye to their controllers, but I suspect the mourning will be short-lived, as Natal is an Xbox add-in that will allow the user to play the game with their body being the new controller- a small step for man, a giant leap for gamers.

Thanks to Dave Greenfield who contributed to this post.