The Business Of Toll Free Numbers

They have been around now for over 40 years and they are as popular as ever. The government issued several toll free area codes inventories over the past 15 years, as the original 800 number area code inventory has depleted, other toll free numbers that were released included 888, 877 and 866 area codes. Now it seems these numbers may not be enough and new toll free area codes are in the works including 855 and 844.

Anyone who thought that because of the emergence of so many “all you can eat” phone plans and 24*7 unlimited monthly calls there will be a decrease in demand for toll free numbers was certainly mistaken.

As we can see it is quite the contrary. Businesses and even families are using them more and more. Toll free numbers (and of course vanity toll free numbers) provide credibility, are a great marketing tool and are very important, perhaps especially, for small business.
The reasons for these great benefits for businesses are simple. Americans like doing business with companies that have toll free numbers.

Most companies have or will have a toll free number and an opportunity to establish a business as a leader in a market can be lost in the crowd, a toll free number is your wedge into a competitive market.

Since a toll free number will be yours forever, you can begin branding your company with the toll free number. In our experiences, having a toll free number is in many cases as or more important than having a website! Especially for very small business. It’s cheaper, it’s easier, and it will make a business more money:

• Your telephone orders should increase
• Your product returns should decrease
• Your word-of mouth referrals should increase

So here are some stats we gathered from various sources (disclaimer: we don’t have all the sources so take our word for it – and if you want to supply us with sources or more info we will be happy to publish it):

1. 98% of American Adults aged 18-65 use Toll-Free Numbers

2. 68% of American Teens use Toll-Free Numbers

3. 52% of Americans estimate that they make 50 or more toll free calls per year.

4. More than 8000 Toll Free Numbers are registered everyday

5. Toll free calling generates an estimated $200 billion in annual sales of goods and services.

6. 84% of Internet users rely on electronic media to search for product information in order to make a purchase. Being able to locate a 1-800 number on the website significantly improves the success rate of any ad or Web site.

7. The average phone order from a catalog can be 30% to 70% higher than the average mail order.

8. As telephone buyers generally use credit cards, they will order more products and higher ticket items 95% of the time when calling a 1-800 number.

9. A productive ad featuring an 800 number can generate approximately 30% more orders.

10. If you want to decrease returns by as much as 50%, use a toll free number on product literature. This encourages customers to call in and resolve difficulties with a trained expert.

11. Fund-raising organizations have increased their response approximately 25% by adding that toll free number in commercials, print ads or direct mail pieces which previously used only addresses.

As always, we appreciate your feedback