The Best Way to Handle Your Office Voicemail

It is every business owner’s wish to be able to respond to all customer inquiries and complaints on time. And, not surprisingly, every customer wishes for the same. But one’s family or business obligations often put him or her far from the office, unable to answer the office phone. That is why so many hardworking professionals rely on voicemail to pass along what the customer was not able to tell them directly.

At, every service package includes voicemail, and there is no limit to the message length. Unless you delete the message, it will be kept in memory for over a year for easy retrieval. If you are in doubt what greeting you should have on your voicemail, offers professional recording services which allow you to select a voice and a script to be recorded as a greeting. supplies each phone extension with its own voicemail box as part of its Virtual Office package, without limiting the number of extensions one can have. For easier, “hands-off” voicemail retrieval from the road, we automatically email and SMS voicemails to you as a media file. If you prefer to read rather than to listen, voicemail transcription service can be set up for each of the VoIP mailboxes you may have with And a Mobile Office app offered through makes retrieval of voicemail and faxes even easier – it offers one-click super-fast access to your office extension inbox via your smart phone. offers numerous ways to handle your office voicemail while you out of the office. With our highly-secured VoIP adapters, you do not need to worry about accidental voicemail deletion or data security. Nor do you have to memorize complex greeting activation and voicemail access instructions. eliminates those extra steps making it extremely easy for you to always be in touch with your customers.