The AT&T Elevate Wireless Hotspot Is A Dream For Road Warriors

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I wanted to share an exciting piece of hardware I got at CES last week.  I don’t typically review devices on this blog but this is very entrepreneur friendly.  It’s the Sierra Wireless made AT&T Mobile Hotspot Elevate 4G.  It’s a long name but worthy of it.  

For starters it’s a 4G device meaning it should provide F.A.S.T. internet.  It does and it does it well.  Sitting here in my office in Long Beach, Ca I’m pulling down over 20Mb/s and sending up over 7Mb/s.  This to me is a dream come true for any road warriors or anybody who wants mobile internet.  The device feels good in my hand, it’s rubberized at both ends and on the bottom and the top is clear plastic.  It looks pretty sleek and seems rugged.  The screen is easy to read and understand what’s going on.  My single favorite thing about it is that I can make pure VOIP calls from my iPhone using the Mobile VOIP app.  It doesn’t use any of my cellular minutes on my iPhone and just pulls from my bucket of minutes (unless you have an unlimited extension).  This means that anywhere the Elevate is working on a 4G signal (obviously this isn’t absolute, your results may vary) I’m able to make calls showing my work number instead of my very personal cellular number.  

These benefits are huge to me, I no longer need to find a coffee shop to use my wifi only iPad when I’m out of the office, let alone my laptop.  I can sit in a proper restaurant and eat lunch while keeping up with news and email by just connecting to the Elevate for internet.  Plus my kids can connect their wifi devices to the Elevate when we’re out and about or in the car.  

Funny story, the night I came home from CES my home internet went down.  So I whipped out the Elevate to put it to the most important test, can my wife stream TV over it.  The answer was yes and the Elevate kept me from having to call my ISP and wait on hold for 30min.  

For transparency sake…  My amazing AT&T contact offered me the Elevate for review purposes.  It’s not a gift and no I won’t keep it.


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