Test your network VoIP performance

If you want to add a VoIP phone to your service such as Phone.com Home Phone Plus or Phone.com Virtual Office but you are not sure if your home or small office broadband connection is strong enough to support good call quality you can now test your broadband (hi-speed internet) performance from our website by following this link.

Here is some information about “VoIP networks” (you can find this information also on our network test page).
VoIP systems that use IP Phones or Analog Phone coupled to an ATA (Analog Telephone Adaptor) require excellent internet connectivity for optimal performance.
Cable companies usually provide adequate connectivity. It is recommended for office use to use their high capacity business plan, vs. the cable internet home plan which is good for a home VoIP system.
The network capacity and performance will define the number of concurrent calls that your system will support (15 concurrent calls require about 1Mbps), which is about half of a normal cable internet home service.
Network connectivity to a VoIP system is like the Power grid for your air condition system. If your network is down your office phones or home phone are down. With proper setup of the Phone.com system, in case of a Network downtime or power failure, all incoming calls can be automatically routed to your cell phones or voicemail.
About 90% of the day to day features used including call transfer will continue to work from your cell phones. Even outbound calls can be accomplished.
Proper connection of your network components and ATA units to a simple UPS system can provide power to the network components even when the power grid is down and keep your home or office phones alive.