Telco’s Aren’t Telling Users The Whole Truth About “Unlimited” Data Plans

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Over the weekend I started reading a handful of articles about AT&T throttling internet speeds once a customer hits a certain amount of data used. People across the web are complaining and calling it unjustified. It seems like they are all upset about being limited to 2.5GB of 3G speed internet then being throttled down to EDGE speeds. I understand that they believe that 2.5GB is to low and agree 100% but I think the point being missed is that AT&T as well as other carriers are calling the plans these folks are on unlimited. Technically yes they are unlimited, it would seem. But at the 2.5GB mark you’re slowed down to a crawl after being used to having unlimited data at 3G speeds.

The issue I have with all of this is that they’re still calling these plans unlimited. Yes they are unlimited but have you in the last year tried using Google Maps on an EDGE connection? It can take “forever” (if we can call it unlimited I can say forever) to load the map let alone get directions or check traffic, and g-d forbid you want to slide your finger and look at a different part of the map. We’re talking minutes upon minutes here. So yes technically AT&T is right and it is unlimited, but will the sales people explain this to a potential customer or someone signing on the dotted line? NO they will not. So what happens when my you’re racing to a meeting while trying to email a video to your business partner and your suddenly throttled back to EDGE speeds (2G) and what should take 3-5 minutes is going to take upwards of an hour to upload now. And what if that video was important for them to edit and send back to you for your meeting? Do you think the average mobile user is going to care about 2.5GB caps and 2G speeds? NO he wants his unlimited data plan to do what he needs it to do, what it’s done every other time he’s sent a video to his partner this month, just work and just work quickly!

So I think it’s time AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon fess up to their little sneaky ways and let the public know what’s going on. People have the right to know the whole truth and make educated decisions, not get swindled by a big telco.


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