Teenagers, home phones, and VoIP services – Shifting the Balance of Power

A household with one or more teenagers is often the one where parents are at a disadvantage. Teens like to talk to their friends, text their classmates, and keep in touch with their peers in every way imaginable. If you are a parent of a sociable teen, you probably rarely have your home phone line free and all to yourself. Restriction of phone usage may work; many parents are advised to restrict their children’s call duration to thirty minutes each and reserve the hours between 7 and 9PM for reading or homework (or basically – quiet, no-talk time). One can also employ a tool such as call waiting and create a rule for a teen to immediately report any incoming calls and not keep a caller waiting for more than a few minutes.

While all these methods are good, the ball is still in your child’s court, as he or she virtually dictates the time when you or your spouse can use the phone. Balance of power does not shift through confrontation, thus Phone.com offers a simple solution that can give both you and your teenager enough time on the phone with friends and relatives.

Phone.com offers plans starting at $9.88 a month and one of its features allows you to route incoming calls to any member of the family, provided additional lines are in the plan. For a parent that works from home, the two-lines and two-numbers Virtual Office plan helps keep all business calls separate from those of your teenager’s friends. Combined with sharp sound quality and lots of added features, such as low-priced international calling, text voicemail, and hold music, among many others, Phone.com’s VoIP service package is the best over-the-internet telephony experience you and your family can have. And your teen-aged offspring will never have to complain about his/her phone being taken away!

Yes, many if not all teenagers have cell phones these days and Phone.com calls can also be routed to any cell phone so if you are not at home you can answer your home number on your cell or even dial out of your cell phone and send and receive SMS messages all while using your home phone number.