Take Your Business Phone System Anywhere with Mobile VoIP

VoIP technology allows you to connect your staff and their various locations under one primary number. But, wouldn’t it be great to have complete flexibility when it came to office location? Or, wouldn’t you like to be able to work outside the office once in a while?

Thanks to Mobile VoIP and Mobile Office, now you can. These innovative additions to an already stellar business phone system allow you to use your iPhone or Android as an extension of your VoIP account. So anywhere your mobile phone goes, your business can go as well.

The set-up is easy. All you have to do is:

1. Access your iPhone or Android app store
2. Download the FREE Mobile VoIP (for iPhone) or Mobile Office (for Android) application
3. Define an extension on your VoIP account for your mobile device

The best part of these apps is that they don’t use any cell phone minutes, because they rely on your Wi-Fi or 3G network to make any calls. When it comes to beneficial business phone features, Mobile VoIP and Mobile Office take the cake. The apps are free, and they provide fantastic benefits any business professional can appreciate.

Want to go be able to access your voicemail, view faxes, connect to conference calls, and check your call logs from anywhere with a 3G or Wi-Fi signal? Now you can! Forget being tied to your office phone. Mobile VoIP and Mobile Office allow you to create an office wherever and whenever you need one.

See what these innovative business phone features can do for you. Learn more about Mobile VoIP and Mobile Office today.