Take Control Of Your Phone Number With Virtual Number From Phone.com

Last night I was reading a very interesting article by Ewan MacLeod of Mobile Industry Review. It touched on many subjects but the one that caught my attention the most focused on the habit swapping carriers and mobile phone numbers on a regular basis is common place in Indonesia, specifically for BlackBerry users.

Ewan explains “it’s not about the phone number as a means of identity. They all use BlackBerry Messenger instead.” So almost no minutes are used on these accounts but instead the BlackBerry Messenger “It’s super fast, super reliable and super cheap.“.

The most enlightening thing for me is this “it’s operator independent.”. All phones in Indonesia are purchased without a carrier subsidy so the buyer can shop for the best carrier and plan for them versus the best phone + carrier. This is unique to most countries I’ve visited. Usually you buy a phone that’s subsidized by the carrier it’s locked to and you’re stuck with that carrier for 2 years.

Here’s where I started thinking about Phone.com and our Virtual Number service. With this you get 1 phone number that can be forwarded to any phone you would like. Plus utilizing our mobile phone apps you can easily make calls from your cell phone and have your Virtual Number appear as the outgoing caller ID. You can also send and receive text messages, the incoming messages arrive on your phone (within our app to save on texting fees) and you can also have them emailed to you. If you have more then one phone, like a cell phone or two, a home phone and an office phone you can also route the calls to any or all of them in any order or all at once.

Most important to me at least is that you can transfer your current number to Phone.com or pick a new one. Plus it’s really inexpensive.

Now having a Virtual Number will give you a lot of power over your cell phone or land line provider. You can purchase a phone online from any number of retailers. You could buy one from your friend or off of CraigsList. What’s nice is you’re not locked into a 2 year contract anymore. You just sign up for the plan you want and decline buying a phone with them and in turn you won’t get locked into the long agreement because you got a subsidized phone from them.

There become so many options when you own your own phone and your number. You can swap carriers every month if you want, you can take your phone abroad and put a foreign sim in it (if it’s GSM), you can make decisions based on what you want not dictated by a 2 year agreement. All you have to do is forward your Phone.com Virtual Number to the phone number provided by the carrier your using at that time.

If you change jobs or move to another state or even country you can do the same thing and just forward your Virtual Number to the new phone number the carrier gives you.

For less then $20 you can have this service every month. Phone.com Virtual Number starts at $4.88 per month for 250 monthly minutes and you can use unlimited minutes for $18.88. Plus. for each referral you bring $1 is knocked off your monthly invoice on an on going basis! Visit Phone.com and start to take control of your phone service. You can even get a discounted monthly rate if you refer a friend.