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take controlPhone.com was designed from the ground up with small business in mind. To that end, we built a web portal that is as powerful as it is intuitive.

What does that mean in real world terms? You can take control of your phone system in minutes so you don’t take valuable time away from your business.

A quick example is our Instant Provisioning feature. Buy phones from Phone.com and they ship to you pre-configured. All you have to do is plug them in to an Ethernet port and you’re ready to take and make calls. As we like to say, it’ll probably take you longer to break down and throw out the packaging that it does to make your first phone call.

When you’re ready to get deeper into the heart of our cloud communications suite, the online control panel is there for you. Quickly configure and manage more than 50 features with a few simple clicks. Even adding new numbers – local, toll free, vanity and/or global – and extensions can be done with a few clicks. Starting a new marketing campaign? What better way to track the results than with a unique, easy to remember custom number?

Best of all, perhaps, is the freedom we give you to make changes to your Phone.com account from anywhere with you have web browser access. We’re all about freedom here at Phone.com.

Other important features your business can take advantage of immediately include caller analytics and call recording. You can monitor call patterns for insight and save call recordings to improve team performance and enhance your customer service. We also store your voicemails for 13 months so you can always go back to hear what was said.

Just because we made all of these feature self-serve doesn’t mean we don’t back them up with great customer service. We’ve got a U.S.-based team of product experts available to help you if you need it 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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