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Delete a Phone Number

1.  FAQ What is the “Delete Number” Feature? Delete number is an option that allows customer administrators with access to…

Company Business Hours

Learn all about Business Hours: FAQ Business Hours Holidays Other Custom Days and Hours Main Company Number Overview Video    …

Adding a Deskphone

Adding a Desk Phone If your users require a desk phone (aka IP phone), contact our support desk and they…

Desk Phone

Desk Phone

Block List

1.  FAQ What is the block list? The block will protect your business from repeating spam calls. You can add…


FAQ What payment methods are accepted? We allow only one payment method – auto payment with your credit card on…

Transfer Numbers - User Guide

1.  FAQ What is transfer numbers? Transfer numbers is a way to submit requests to transfer (port out) your existing…

Configure App Overview

FAQ The Configure App is where account administrators can change the general settings and invite other users to…

Add a Number

1.  FAQ What is the “add numbers” for? Add numbers is a tool designed to make number selection and acquisition…

My Numbers

Learn about My Numbers: 1. FAQ 2. Overview 3. Call recording 4. Configuring Your Number 5. Caller ID Name (CNAM)…

Configure a Number

1. FAQ 2. General 3. Ringing One or Many Users 4. Playing a Menu 5. Send to Voicemail 6. Setup…

Add Users

  1.   FAQ What is Add Users? Add users is a tool designed to provide admin users with the…

Advanced Settings

1.  FAQ How can I change advanced settings? With, you can fine-tune a lot of advanced settings such as… Live Receptionist

FAQ What is a live receptionist service? Live receptionist service is a service where a call center we provide answers…

Company Settings

Learn all about Company Settings: 1. FAQ 2. Company Info 3. Call Settings 4. Inbox 5. Video Meetings   1.…

Manage Users

Learn all about My Users: 1. FAQ 2. Manage users 3. Action Menu 1.   FAQ What is the manage…




Parent page for Users.


Parent page for Users.

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