Summer On The Beach With

Summer is almost half over and if you’re anything like me you don’t want to spend the entire summer at your desk but maybe you can’t be away from your ringing phone either. I personally like to spend a day here and there at the beach with my daughters on a work day but that wasn’t possible until just a few weeks ago. Now if I have to answer calls and participate in conference calls I can do it from the beach utilizing the Mobile Office app for Android and iPhone.

If you haven’t seen what this powerful app can do I suggest going to the Android Market Place or the iTunes store, search for and download our free apps. You will be able to initiate conference calls, read incoming faxes, send and receive text messages (SMS), view your call logs and in general take your work to the beach if you want.

I am planning a vacation up to the mountains in a few weeks, I have no concerns about missing phone calls and one of the best things is I’ll be able to text message my clients from my work number while on vacation.

What’s keeping you from laying on the beach? No more excuses if it has anything to do with missing work related calls or pretending you are at the office. Make/receive calls, transfer calls and a lot more with’s Mobile Office app. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email me with any questions or comments.