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Share on linkedin hosted Penn State student Matt Rea for his summer internship and we asked him to share his thoughts on his time with us. Here’s what he had to say:

Over my twelve weeks at I got all that I wanted out of a summer internship and more. After applying to 160 different companies for internships before this summer is the company that brought me in with open arms.

I applied to and interviewed for some big-name companies like Hanesbrands, TD Bank, PNC and The Federal Reserve among others, but I can easily say I am at least as happy, if not more so to have chosen If it is true that you should surround yourself with success in order to be successful, then I definitely had a dream summer at this company. is home of Alon Cohen, the creator of VoIP, Ari Rabban, the friendliest CEO you could imagine, and a host of other amazing talents. Along with the great connections and network engineering skills I gained here, I was able to learn about the trials, successes, and even errors of a high-growth company. When you come to work for, do not expect to be walking into your typical startup company.

By coming to work here I felt like I got the experience of a Fortune 500 internship, paired with the support and comfort of a family. When I was at, I felt challenged, but supported 100 percent of the time. I learned more over the 12 weeks I was privileged to work at than I could have imagined I ever would, which has given be a solid base of skills and confidence moving forward in my career. If I had to recommend a place to work to anybody, the first company that would come to mind is

In Matt’s time with, he worked on programming shell scripts, simulating networks and troubleshooting VoIP issues.


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