Succeeding in a Tough Town in a Depressed Economy

On our website we started a section where we interview customers and post their stories.

Today we posted a new story about Debbie Jackson, owner of KidsPlayPlus, a business that trains and coaches children in numerous sports and athletic games, at various locations throughout the state of New Jersey.

In the interview you can learn more about the business and get an idea of how Debbie uses Virtual Office to manage her business in an efficient and cost conscious way.

We will continue to add more stories that will address the different services and fetures and if you are a customer and would like to be featured, please drop us a note ( and we would be happy to consider.

Customers that think they might have an interesting set up of their system are welcome to share these stories with our other customers and readers of this blog.

With so many fetures and plans and with so many different requirements that each business has is a very flexible solution where you dont need a “one size fits all” product.

So check it out and let us know what you think