Stop Exceeding Your Minute Plan – use Unlimited Calling

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I’ve been going over my minutes lately on my office line.  I’ve been on a lot of conference calls lately and a lot of calls with a client. I’ve been blowing through the minutes like it’s nobody’s business… But it is.  Do you ever blow through your minutes? Do you ever get stuck on a conference call you know you need to be on but you’re trying to calculate how many minutes you have left in your bucket?

My solution is to add Unlimited Calling to my desktop extension. I’m in my home office most of the time during the workday and most of my calls are handled on my Polycom IP450 (it’s a great phone) so it was a no brainer.  For $21.88/month I now never worry about going over my minutes.  My long calls don’t stress me out and hold times aren’t an issue any longer.

If you ever go over your minutes or it’s something you just don’t want to worry about I suggest checking out the Unlimited Calling plan.  If you have any questions we’re on Facebook and Twitter to answer any and all of your questions.


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