Speed Dial Phone.com Style

We’ve been getting comments lately about Speed Dial, people want to know if we have Speed Dial and how to set it up. The answer is YES we do have Speed Dial. It’s not your old school speed dial but Phone.com style.

How To Set Up Speed Dial For Virtual Office:

The quick version:
Set up a virtual extension and assign a number to it, 528 for example, then any time you’re sitting at your desk and pick up your Phone.com phone, dial 528 and the extension will ring/call any number or numbers it’s assigned to. For example if you’re calling your paper salesman to order more paper you can have extension 528 call his desk phone in his office, his cell phone and his secretary as well. This is Speed Dial Phone.com style.

The longer version:
Creating an extension on your account
a. Click Add an Extension from your control panels home screen
b. Click Virtual Extension then the orange button Add Selected
c. You will see your new extensions Settings page now. In this case the extension is 528
d. Now select Call Handling Rules on the left of your screen just under Settings
e. You will need to set the Call Handling Rules the way you want but for now leave Select incoming call type: as All Calls
f. Select Forward Call in section 2 Select how calls should be handled:
g. Next to the icon of the desk phone put in the number you want as your speed dial
h. Just below where you put in your number you can select Add Another Number if you’d like your Speed Dial extension 528 to ring in more then 1 place.
j. Now you can pick up your Phone.com IP phone and dial 528 and it will ring anywhere that extension points

Main View screen shot

Add Extension screen shot

Call Handling rules screen shot

If you have any questions about how to make this work don’t hesitate to email me Jeb@Phone.com, message us on Facebook.