So Many Features !

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Arriving at Yellowstone National Park today for a family vacation my cousin realized that he forgot to change the settings on his home phone to forward to his cell phone while we’re gone on vacation for a week. He’s had his home phone number for over a decade now and even with everyone having a cell phone he still gets lots of calls at home. He told me this and was ecstatic to tell me that he’s just going onto his control panel to forward his home phone number to his cell phone. He has our Home Phone Plus service and has told me numerous times on this trip and over the last 6 months that he’s had it how much he likes it.

He has all his phone messages on his Android phone on our app that he runs on his phone and has all his voicemail transcribed and sent to his cell phone. He’s told me that this has been a life saver. He was sitting in a meeting once and couldn’t answer a call from his wife but when the hospital left a message on his home phone that his mom had fallen (thank goodness she was ok) he got the transcription and ran out of the meeting and straight to the hospital.

These features that seem like little things until they affect your life in monumental ways are just some of the many many features we offer our customers. In this case my cousin able to just get online in our cabin and change the call handling rules so his cell phone rang when someone called his home phone. I personally love it when a service makes peoples lives easier and clearly does just that.