SMS (Text Messaging) tip from a customer

Today we got a nice post on our customer forum from a customer who wanted to share how they use the SMS (Text Messaging) feature:

“I wanted to share some success using the new SMS (text message) feature. We get voicemails daily / weekly asking for information.

We have been using the SMS feature on known cell phone calls to respond to these voicemails. We have even included URL links in the SMS pointing back to our web site. This seems to cut down on return phone calls and gives us a way to send messages to callers.

Very few businesses have the capability to send SMS from their business phone and this younger X, Y generations seems to prefer this type communication.”

Indeed now customers can send and receive SMS text messages to and from their numbers. You dont need to use your cell phone number for messaging, keep it private but still be able to text from your cell phones! and you can even send messages from your PC!