SMS Should Not Fear iMessage For Even A Second

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I remember last month with the announcement of iMessage that people were spouting off silly things like iMessage is going to kill SMS and SMS is on the decline. But after I spent the last 2 days in Yellowstone National Park I’m convinced that SMS is in absolutely NO danger of becoming irrelevant. I’ve had such miserable reception on my AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile phones. It’s been so disappointing to have so little service because I wasn’t able to upload any pictures or make phone calls.

Now the reason SMS still rules let alone won’t be killed off is because even when I had very little reception I was still able to send off messages. No way any data using service would work like any of those texting apps or iMessage. On the other hand my SMS telling the family we were going to be late went through and I was able to receive the reply.

SMS to me is by far the most reliable form of communication. After earthquakes I can always get SMS out. I can rely on my message getting to the recipient even if they’re out of range once they get back in range. SMS uses such a small amount of data that even with an enormous number of messages going out all at once like right after an earthquake they are almost always received.

The point is SMS is here for the long haul and won’t be ousted any time soon. Services like iMessage may be popular but they won’t replace the most reliable way to send short messages.


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