“SMB VoIP Options” – ITExpo

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By: Ari

Next week at the LA Convention Center is ITExpo. ITExpo is arguably the largest gathering of the VoIP industry. The conference and expo is a great place for the industry to gather, network and exchange ideas about the industry.

Jon Arnold posted about this event this morning. Phone.com will be there and I will be speaking on Jon’s panel discussing telecom needs of small business and various VoIP related options.

As the session description outlines: “Most small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have limited budgets, time, and IT and communications expertise. The smallest SMBs don’t have any IT support staff and need plug-and-play services, which allow them to concentrate on managing their businesses and serving customers, not on managing their communications infrastructure. This session covers the basics of voice and data solutions for small business, including hosted versus non-hosted voice, and how to select the right solution for your business.”

We will address why SMBs should want to move to VoIP? What are the various flavors of VoIP including premise equipment; service hosted at the service provider location; or SaaS (Software as a Service).

What are the decision factors small companies are facing? We must first remember that the definition of SMB (small / medium business or SME small / medium enterprise) is sooooo wide as we recently mentioned in one of our previous postings. For some efficiency and productivity is the key factor but for many (especially very small business such as the ones Phone.com focuses on), cost is the key factor and combining cost with all the productivity tools that are available with more expensive solutions is the sweet spot we want to be at!

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