Small Business Events

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By: Ari

On Monday we wrote about the New York Times Small Business Summit. Yesterday I attended the NY Expo for Small Business at the Javits Convention Center.

There have always been many shows for small business owners and entrepreneurs to choose from, but, perhaps these days there is more interest than in “regular” years. With the economy as it is and also with so much change in the way we do business these days in general, there is more room for small and very small businesses to flourish.

Small businesses typically do well during recession times and we already wrote about several known businesses that started during bad economic times.

The large attendee number and level of activity in the two events we wrote about and so many more that are happening are just a sample of the energy and potential that exist. Several of the speakers at these events, small businesses as well, talked about how they started because they lost their corporate job whatever it may be.

So if you have an idea for a new business and you were not sure if this is a good time to pursuer it, the answer is YES! This is a good time, perhaps a very good time.

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