Simple Marketing Tools That Can Enhance the Look of Any Small Business

Small businesses have to work much harder than large corporations in order to establish their brand and attract new customers. One sure way to make your business stand out is to use a few simple marketing tools that catch the eye of consumers. For example, if you create a toll-free vanity number for your business, potential customers will take notice. With a toll-free number, you establish your brand and offer customers an easy (and free!) way to get in touch with you.

Here are some other simple marketing tools that can help enhance the look of any small business:

After Hours Greetings — Don’t leave potential customers hanging. If they call and don’t get an answer, they may try a different company instead. Set up an “after hours” greeting to let them know your business hours, if they can reach you through e-mail, or to give them another number to call. This feature lets customers and clients know that you care enough to let them know what’s going on, even when you’re not there.

Hold Music — No one enjoys being put on hold, but if you have to put a customer on hold then at least provide some music. Customers are more likely to stay on the phone when music is playing than if there was just silence. You can even insert advertisements on certain specials or sales events that you have instead.

Dial-by-Name Directory — Let your customers get to know you by name by setting up a dial-by-name directory. If you want to establish a personal connection with your customers, this is a great way to do so.

These simple marketing tools are easy ways to promote your small business in a professional and strategic way., offers these key features and many more at affordable rate packages, so that small business owners can enhance their business and compete with the big boys.