Signing Mr. H up for a Virtual Office account on

I had a wonderful experience yesterday when I helped my friends father sign up for a Virtual Office account on I had never sat down with someone and signed them up for so this was a new experience for me but boy was I surprised at how fast and painless it was.

Mr. H and I started off online signing up but we got to a section where it asks for a business ID number (needed because Mr. H wanted to transfer his current phone number to and we didn’t have that at Mr. H’s house, he had it in his office. I was concerned we were stuck so I called the 800 customer support # and got right through to Craig who said we could fill it in later. We started the process over with Craig and he was much faster then we were. In just a couple of minutes we had the entire order processed and the ATA on the way to Mr. H.

Here’s where the fun began. Mr. H is a friendly and curious guy by nature and when Craig asked if we had any more questions he was bombarded by us.
• Little things like can “Mr. H cancel 1 of his 4 lines at any time?” “Yes, you’re not on a yearly contract with us.” Craig said.
• “How long will it take the ATA to arrive” asked Mr. H. “About 5 days” answered Craig

This went on for a few minutes and Craig never flinched or got annoyed with all the questions. It may have helped that Craig and Mr. H found out that they are both originally from Buffalo, NY and they were swapping names of restaurants and old bars they went to in between questions. At the end of the call Mr. H hung up the phone and told me how pleased he was with the level of knowledge and high regard for the customers satisfaction he felt Craig exuded. Mr. H is happy which means I’m happy, because I recommended to him.

Funny thing, Mr. H wants to get a new cell phone and I showed him the Mobile Office app we have. He is so excited to be able to work outside his office (like at home or in a foreign country) and be able to get his work calls, messages, faxes and even make calls showing his work number all from the Mobile Office app.

Are you like Mr. H and want help signing up for service? I’m sure there are a lot of you out there that like the hand holding or maybe don’t feel technically savvy enough to do it yourself. I suggest calling our 800 number (800-998-7087) and one of our competent customer service folks would be delighted to help you through the process whether you’re signing up on the computer or over the phone and even help set up your new account so you can start receiving calls as soon as it goes live.