Show Your Work Number When Making Calls From The Mobile Office App

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I wanted to remind our customers that if you’re using our Mobile Office app on your Android or BlackBerry smart phone that you can make outgoing calls from it showing your number.  

In the last few weeks we’ve gotten a few questions about if this is possible and I wanted to make sure everyone knows it is.  If you log into the Mobile Office app on your phone then go into your settings.  You should see a phone number on the right side.  Now if that’s the number you want to show on your outgoing calls great you’re all set, if not then tap the number.  A list of all the numbers available on your account should show up.  Pick the number you want as your outgoing caller ID and you’re all set.  

If you have any questions about our Mobile Office app feel free to post them here, on Facebook, on Twitter or call our award winning customer service.