Say Yes to Less Stress

Ari Rabban, was interviewed by SmartCEO magazine and asked to give some advice as to how he deals with stress at work. Here is what he said (P.10 of the March Philadelphia edition) :

A CEO is in a unique position of power, holding the fate of the entire company, its employees and their families in his or her hands. Because of that enormous responsibility, a CEO’s stress level can be disproportionately high. So SmartCEO is asking local business leaders one question:

How do you manage your stress?

There are a couple of different approaches to stress that I have found useful over the years. First and foremost is perspective. Different situations may present themselves initially as high-stress moments but taking a deep breath and a step back can sometimes offer some insight into solutions.

I think that prioritizing and comparing situations to those that occurred in other companies can be very helpful: I tend to assume that many stressful situations an executive may deal with have been successfully dealt with before. Finding best practices (or worst, to avoid) is part of an overall business strategy.

Personally, I like to run every day. Just getting exercise helps immensely. Also taking vacations and spending time with my family without email helps. I am always reachable, but a regular phone sometimes has great value over a smartphone in weeding out real emergencies and just an overabundance of emails.”

Here is another tip: … getting as your phone service is also a way to deal with stress… better phone service and better price!