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Everyone wants to save money these days and staying mobile and flexible is very important for many. Desktop phones are great and almost a necessity if you spend a lot of time on speaker phone or just make a lot of phone calls. But if you need to save money in your small business you might want to think about adding a iPhone Extension to your Virtual Office account so you can enjoy more mobility. The Mobile VOIP app on an iPhone with an iPhone Extension is essentially your desktop phone, but it’s more mobile and works over wifi instead of having to be plugged into the ethernet.

I’ve been doing this for a while now and it’s really nice alternative. I’m now able to make true VOIP calls at Starbucks or my hotel room when I’m traveling. And If I’m outside the US these calls over wifi are not roaming. Earlier this year when I was in Spain and England for a week I was able to call home to my wife without paying the outrageous roaming fee from my carrier. It was also really great when I was on vacation over the summer and didn’t get any cell phone reception in our cabin but had wifi, so I was never really disconnected.


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