Case Studies: Remington Business Group

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Name: Diane B.

Title: Accounts Manager

Business name: Remington Business Group


Business summary: We focus on assisting smaller companies do business internationally.

Why did you want a Virtual Phone System? Given the nature of our business our clients are located all over Europe and the Middle East making communications a critical component of our business. We manage a relatively large number of telephone numbers for our clients sake and our needs.

Why did you choose The flexibility of the system that enables us to run all of our phone numbers under one account at attractive rates. We are also extremely happy with the call forwarding features and flexibility in building a phone system that exactly fits our ever changing unique needs.

What is your favorite feature? Flexibility in building menus and rerouting calls in different manners depending on specific needs.

Why would you recommend to your friends/ colleagues? I would recommend to any small company needing advanced voice communication services (ie. more than one line) and wishing to convey a professional image to its clients/partners.

Would you like to share any interesting way you use such as unique call routing, schedules or queues used: Our business requires us to travel internationally to meet with clients, prospects and local partners. As a small company it is critical for us that the people traveling can be reached anytime and anywhere. By enabling us to forward local U.S. and international calls to local cell phones we are able to be available wherever we are, while saving cost instead of using very expensive U.S. GSM phones.

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