Remember To Change Your Answering Greeting For The Vacation Week

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If you’re anything like myself and almost everybody that I’ve talked to recently, you’re not in the office this week.  I’m working but not going into the office for the most part. Almost everyone I talk to is doing the same.  But as the life of an entrepreneur goes, you never really stop working. I posted on Twitter today asking who’s not working and in secods I got responses saying people are working from home or from wherever they are on vacation.  They’re answering calls, trying to fill the last minute end of year quotas and responding to emails.

So I wanted to remind everybody to change their phone greeting that people hear when they call.  Let them know you’re not in the office this week.  It’s really easy to change, here’s a video  to explain it.  It’s also a good time to make sure you have your call routing set up properly as well.  Maybe you don’t want your assistant to receive calls this week and they should just go straight to voicemail or maybe you want to handle them.  This is a great time as well to experiment with set ups because of the slow down in work. If you’ve ever wanted to test different features, this might be a great time to do so.

Are there any features you have questions about?  Post them on Facebook, Twitter or email me ( and I’ll be happy to do a blog post or video explaining them.


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