The Real Challenges Of Conference Calling

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conference_call_failWith more than five million views on YouTube to date, it’s likely you have already seen the video I have posted below.  In my opinion, the video has that many views not only because it’s funny, but because it is true.  It accurately portrays many of the challenges that arise during conference calls.

There are obvious issues that hinder effective communication over conference calls including user failure (mute button mishaps), technology failure (internet and phone quality) and of course the general awkwardness caused by not being in the same room with the people in your meeting.  Allow me to propose a brief solution to these problems that will help make your meetings more effective:

1.  Be Flexible, Forgiving And Respectful- You may encounter some difficulty communicating and knowing when it is your turn to speak on a conference call.  It can be frustrating to have other people on the call talk over you.  For the sake of your sanity, I recommend assuming the best of others and being patient but persistent until you get a chance to talk.

2. Focus On The Call- If you are on a conference call, it is likely you are talking on a computer soft phone or have your computer with you.  Do your best to give that call your full attention so you can be attuned to the cues of the other people on the call.

3. Consider Adding Video- Platforms like GoToMeeting and Google+ Hangouts have video conferencing well-integrated.  The ability to see others can often make communication more effective and efficient.

4. Meet In Person- Where possible, make meeting in person your default for meetings.  This allows all participants to get a true “feel” for the meeting and have the best chance at communicating better.

With all of this being said, conference calling absolutely has its place in meetings. offers a feature-rich, high-quality HD Conferencing service on all plans.  Click here to learn more.  After watching this video, let us know if this accurately portrays your experience with conference calling.