QuickOffice Pro HD Makes My iPad A Business Device

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Recently I was at CTIA in San Diego. I got the chance to interview Naga Hariharan the Product Manager at QuickOffice. They have an interesting app that I thought I would share. It’s perfect for SMB’s as well as entrepreneurs. I find it makes my iPad a more usable work space. I do a great deal of my writing in Google Docs, but Docs isn’t all that great on the iPad. With QuickOffice Pro HD for my iPad I can compose, edit and save documents in to Google Docs. Same for spread sheets and Power Point. This has cleared the last hurtle for me in making my iPad a work device I can substitute for my laptop when I travel or just go to the coffee shop to work. This is really important for people who only have a laptop but may be a little leery about taking out of the office if it has to much sensitive material on it. QuickOffice interfaces with Google Docs as well as DropBox and Box.net, along with a whole host of other services. Lastly it’s a nice file system on my iPad.

Please excuse the volume, our meeting room was on the show floor. Turn up your volume a bit.

To be clear Phone.com isn’t endorsing QuickOffice but I (Jeb) have been using them for many years and have a promo account with them. I will say that QuickOffice is a great app and I’d personally recommend it to any friend of mine, I think that says it all.


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