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We got an interesting article written about us this week.  It’s by Dan Baldwin the director of the Telecom Association and it’s about reselling  It’s a jovial post about a chat he had with Joel Maloff our VP of Channel Development.  I have to say it was a fun read especially because Dan loves what he does.  

Here are 2 quotes from the article, my favorite being:

Frankly most all telecom agents and channel partners I know could benefit from viewing’s end-user marketing and then creating their own similar pieces. A special “hat’s off” goes to Joel Maloff who adds a video clip to’s end-user explanation pieces.

IT guys could configure and manage the phones using’s agent portal and could charge a monthly maintenance fee for doing so.

Dan pokes some fun at us questioning why we chose Fran Tarkenton as a spokes person, I’m not sure Dan realizes that Fran is a serial entrepreneur who started over 20 companies.  Either way, I liked the post and hope that I can meet Dan one of these days.