Poll: Should the AT&T – T-Mobile merger be allowed?

Hi everyone, I got an email reminding me about our online polls.
Every so often we throw a poll up just to see what people are thinking. The most recent poll is about the T-Mobile acquisition by AT&T. Do you think it should happen? Why don’t you head over to our polls on the right side of the blog page toward the bottom or at this link.

So now that you’ve voted what do you think? Should AT&T buy T-Mobile?
I personally don’t think so. I think it would make AT&T to powerful and squelch competitiveness in the market. It would also make AT&T the only GSM provider in the US which hurts it’s customers chances of getting better rates from AT&T when traveling abroad as well as travelers coming to the States and roaming on AT&T. AT&T will have way to much power to charge anything they want for roaming and no one will really be competing against them.

AT&T needs this acquisition to happen otherwise they are on the line for $10 billion to T-Mobile. Yes they offered that much up if the deal doesn’t go through because they were so sure it would. Right now I think they’re shaking in their boots. They don’t want to lose that money and they need the spectrum T-Mobile can give them.

AT&T has a history of monopolies, did you know they used to be part of the Bell family? (hard to believe but many forgot or did not know…) . You remember Ma Bell that was broken up in the 1980’s. Maybe their trying to rebuild their stranglehold, they have a history of it.

What do you think of this whole situation? Should this deal be crushed or do you encourage it?