Road map - Three-factor authentication, continuing the migration to the cloud

Summer 2019 Update

We are half-way through 2019 and has been very busy with our roadmap for this year and for 2020. Here are a few highlights of what is under development or recently completed.

MMS – We are now able to support MMS as well as SMS text from most of our phone numbers. There are some that are not fully supporting it at this time, and we can assist if that is an issue. MMS can be accomplished today (attaching pictures, graphics, etc.) using the web-based control panel. Our iPhone app is planned for MMS support by the end of June, and our Android app will accommodate MMS by early October.

Communicator Upgrade – As of last month, has implemented our in-house developed softphone, replacing the one that we had been branding from Counterpath. This offers a variety of advantages including lower costs for providing the service and the ability to make changes rather than requiring a vendor’s assistance.

Network Infrastructure – To provide greater redundancy, is in the process of migrating some of our systems and functionality to the Amazon Web Services cloud. This already has provided significant benefits without any disruption to our services. We will continue to evolve our network to assure that you and your clients are receiving the quality of services that are expected from

Three-factor Authentication – Network and information systems security are top priorities to all businesses today. When people or systems attempt to access network and computing resources, they are generally expected to “authenticate” themselves. Most of us are familiar with the need to use a password to access a site. The three different form factors for authentication including something you know (like a password), something you have (like a physical token), and something you are (such as biometrics, fingerprint, retinal scan, etc.). Multi-factor authentication uses more than one form factor. is working on three-factor authentication. It is in the testing stages now, and we will be able to demonstrate this functionality later this year.

This is certainly not a complete list of everything under development. We will be providing more details as these projects reach completion and roll-out.

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