Solving problems and thinking outside the box – How created an entirely new sales team queuing system including a log-in portal

The need for clear, appropriate, and cost-effective communications solutions for business problems is accelerating. One of the attributes that we at pride ourselves on is our agility in recognizing issues and determining if we can creatively find a solution.

One such situation presented itself to us recently. A financial organization was already using a competitive VoIP provider but were not satisfied with the level of functionality that was available to their sales team. They were seeking a sophisticated solution that had the following attributes:

            – Log in web portal for sales personnel

            – Visual representation of on duty/off duty and state (available/busy)

            – Incoming call queuing that would route calls to available positions or to All Call where anyone could answer

Rather than simply replying that this was not something that was already offered by, we evaluated the opportunity and determined that we had the ability and desire to respond. An elite team was assembled, and over a few short months, a prototype was created. A demonstration was scheduled with the customer, and after a few minor requests for modification, the concept was approved.

The team completed the work and turned the project over to our Preferred Support team for implementation.

For our Channel Partners, the message is simple. understands that the needs of business communications are continuing to evolve. We know that we cannot solve every potential need that may arise, but sometimes we even surprise ourselves! If you have a client or customer requirement that needs “thinking outside the box,” let the Channel Partner Support team know and we will explore it with you! We may pleasantly surprise you as well!

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